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Virtual MUNA 2020

Two teams from Neelin High School have been registered for Virtual MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly) this year! Special thanks to Kaiella Athaide-Lepp, previous Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) camper who has recruited 3 other students and 2 counsellors for the teams.
"In 1957, the Rotary Club of Winnipeg became the first Rotary Club to sponsor a Model UN Assembly. Since then the Winnipeg Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) has been held annually with very few exceptions and with teams from high schools across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, North Dakota and Minnesota participating."
"The Winnipeg MUNA provides an accurate simulation of the General Assembly of the United Nations and how it drafts and adopts resolutions." 
Rotary provides service and leaders for the world.

“I believe participating in the Model UN was one of the formative experiences of my youth."

Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, Chair - World Refugee Council, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, former Minister of Global Affairs Canada, Graduate of the 1st Winnipeg MUNA


“Taking part in the prestigious Winnipeg Model United Nations Assembly as a high school student allowed me to experience for the first time how politics is conducted, both in the public halls and behind the scenes. It gave me a taste of what it means to speak to the hopes, dreams and needs of all citizens. For the participants of the Winnipeg MUNA, it is the perfect time to hone your debating and negotiating skills, and to put your convictions into action.” 

Honourable Greg Selinger, former Premier of Manitoba, graduate of Winnipeg MUNA

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The Rotary book bins are now in storage until February 2021.
Keep reading Westman & let’s hope for a booksale in April!!
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2020 Support Elspeth Reid/Wine Festival Cancelled

In lieu of attending the Wine Festival events this year, we hope that you will consider donating to the Elspeth Reid Family Resource Centre, by clicking the link to donate online! With your help the Rotary Westman Wine Festival donates more than $10K from the events each year – we would be thrilled if our wine-loving community would continue that tradition.
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