Local Stories
The Rotary Club of Brandon supported 3 teams at the
63rd Model United Nations Assembly recently held on April 29th & 30th. 
Kaiella Athaide-Lepp & Sarah Edwards from Neelin High School 
Counsellor - Mr. William Savoy
Sarah Edwards Neelin High School 
Counsellor - Mr. Mike Leach
Murtaza  Khan, Madi Bootsman Vincent Massey High School 
Counsellor - Mr. Ashley Dyson
Resolutions related to Cyber security, COVID 19, nuclear disarmament and a fun one about Comic Sans MS font were discussed with respect and diplomacy by student teams from central Canada, North Dakota and Minnedosa. Our students proved themselves worthy while putting forth their country's position on the resolutions. The Rotary Club of Brandon wishes to thank the counsellors for their time and support.
Congratulations to Amenti Wakjira for winning the Rotary Club of Brandon's ACC Bridging Bursary in 2021 
Unfortunately, with the current Code Red restrictions we will no longer be able to accept any book donations. Our warehouse is also quite full with over 40 pallets ready for the April 2021 sale. 
Thank you Westman for continuing to read and donate your books! Please keep reading and stay safe
Sherwood Home director Ken Oberlin and recreation director Chelsey Davies accept a donation to Sherwood Home of an iPad from Brandon Rotary Club members Chuck LaRocque and Simeon Norton.
PHOTO/ ANNE DAVISON Virden Empire Advance

Brandon Rotary Club on Display

Rotary  club’s display cases in the Main Concourse of the Keystone Centre club’s display cases.
The cases, gratefully provided to the club by the Keystone Centre, now offer the public updated information about our club and its ongoing activities in Brandon and Westman.The display also contains some of the club’s cherished artifacts, such as our original Charter, signed in 1921.
“If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to check it out, possibly you might find some time to take a look,” says Don. “I think you will find it interesting. The display cases graphically encapsulate just how active The Rotary Club of Brandon #1344 is.”
Any questions or comments are welcome, contact Don 204-729-7188

Ripple Effect --Rotary and Education in Developing Countries

Ripple Effect is a Rotary District 5550 program through which Rotarians and other organizations and individuals in Canada can reach out to countries where children’s education is at risk. The program works in partnership with Rotary Clubs and communities in Guatemala to help build, equip and support schools for children in grades K to 6. Your donation to the Ripple Effect Program will help build and/or equip a school in Guatemala.
The Rotary Club of Brandon, along with other Rotary Clubs in Ontario and the Prairies have worked together to build a school in San Miguelito, to help reduce the incidence of illiteracy and poverty among the people of the area.  Guatemala is not only one of the poorest countries, (Guatemala is geographically south of Mexico), but has the lowest literacy rate in Central America. The school has taken several years to build, with all work done by local people and supervised over all by local and Canadian Rotary clubs.  Presently there are 5 classrooms, a computer lab, kitchen, washrooms, principal's office, storage along with a cemented playground, fencing and retaining walls.  Needless to say, the school has become the meeting place of the town with a market and place for sports and recreation. 
Rotary Shelterbox Program



The ShelterBox program is an unbelievable program to give the opportunity to an individual or a group to be able to step up and give a huge amount of help to people in need.

For example, the Shelterbox provides sustained shelter for people dealing with disaster in the Philippines.

Shelterbox already has two response teams on the ground in the Philippines who are working with the help of Rotarians to provide emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

ShelterBox delivers, the tent boxes shown above, or specific Shelter Toolkits for areas where repairs to homes are needed. 

Some 90 countries have received ShelterBoxes. And more than 130,000 ShelterBoxes have been deployed since the Rotary Club project since 2000.


For some more info, see: http://www.shelterboxcanada.org/




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RI President-elect Holger Knaack encouraged the leaders to take advantage of the many options that Rotary provides to create change in the world.

“Rotary is not just a club that you join. It is an invitation to endless opportunities,” Knaack said Monday, 20 January, at the annual training event held in San Diego, California, USA. “It opens opportunities to serve in a project as big and historic as End Polio Now and also in a small community project, where you just plant a tree. ... Everything we do opens another opportunity for someone, somewhere.”