The Rotary Club of Brandon supported 3 teams at the
63rd Model United Nations Assembly recently held on April 29th & 30th. 
Kaiella Athaide-Lepp & Sarah Edwards from Neelin High School 
Counsellor - Mr. William Savoy
Sarah Edwards Neelin High School 
Counsellor - Mr. Mike Leach
Murtaza  Khan, Madi Bootsman Vincent Massey High School 
Counsellor - Mr. Ashley Dyson
Resolutions related to Cyber security, COVID 19, nuclear disarmament and a fun one about Comic Sans MS font were discussed with respect and diplomacy by student teams from central Canada, North Dakota and Minnedosa. Our students proved themselves worthy while putting forth their country's position on the resolutions. The Rotary Club of Brandon wishes to thank the counsellors for their time and support.