Hi everyone!
I was served with this Warrant at our recent Rotary meeting by Rick Thomson and an officer of the Brandon City Police...................
As you can see from the attached “Warrant for Arrest”, Crime Stoppers have charged me with the supposedly dastardly act of using The Rotary Club of Brandon #1344 monies to not only buy potatoes from the Wheat City Lions Club and by this action actually support this Service Club in raising funds for their community activities.  I am pleading absolute innocence to this charge and will have to post at least a $500.00 bail to stay out of the hoosegow.  I will plead my case on Saturday October 14 @ 1:50 pm.  I need your help to raise my bail monies............any amount you can contribute will be appreciated.  Of course, if you are inclined to want to see me go to jail, ignore this plea.  Naturally, I feel I am too young to be incarcerated by this unjust charge.  Please! Please! Please!   
Your law abiding citizen and honest Rotarian,  Don Partrick